89: All About the Enneagram with Amanda Steed

Amanda Steed is a certified Enneagram Teacher and Coach who specializes in personal and spiritual growth. The Enneagram is a powerful personality typing tool based on nine distinct strategies (known by their numerical "types"). Amanda views the Enneagram as a tool that helps people let go of their protective personalities and embrace…
June 17, 2019

67: Summer of Service with Breanna Johnson

Breanna Johnson is a first-grade teacher based in Missouri, and this year she'll be using her summer vacation in a different way: she'll be spending a month in Ghana, West Africa, serving a nonprofit that provides long-term rehabilitative care for children rescued out of slavery. Listen in as Breanna and Rachel talk…
June 18, 2018

65: Communication Tips from a College Professor with Liz Navarro

Liz Navarro is an educator and communications professional who loves to coach people who want to share their stories. As a university instructor, she has taught public speaking at Pepperdine University, and she currently teaches the same subject at Southern Methodist University. Liz is also a communications entrepreneur, and in this episode Rachel…
May 21, 2018

64: Cultivating Joy In Seasons of Suffering with Stasi Eldredge

We welcome bestselling author Stasi Eldredge to the podcast. Stasi is the co-author along with her husband John of "Captivating," which has sold three million copies. She is also the author of several other books including "Becoming Myself," and her heart is to help women and girls embrace the true identity…
May 8, 2018

63: How Fashion and Service Collide with Ruthie Seager

Ruthie Seager is the Production Director at Re:new Project, a nonprofit organization devoted to creating a space for refugee women to thrive. She’s passionate about meshing the worlds of fashion and art with community and social justice. Join Rachel today as she and Ruthie discuss nonprofit strategies, refugee communities, and really good coffee. 
April 23, 2018

62: Joy and Purpose for the Journey with Missy Robertson

Allie interviews Missy Robertson, author of Blessed, Blessed...Blessed and co-author of The Women of Duck Commander with Miss Kay and her sisters-in-law. She is one of the stars of the hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty. In 2016, Missy launched a jewelry line, Laminin which provides jobs for women in the West Monroe area who…
April 9, 2018

61: Love Your Life, Not Theirs with Rachel Cruze

 Join us today as Rachel Brown interviews Rachel Cruze, a #1 New York Times best-selling author and seasoned communicator. Rachel helps people learn the proper ways to handle money and stay out of debt. She's authored three best-selling books, including Love Your Life, Not Theirsand Smart Money, Smart Kids, which she co-wrote…
March 26, 2018

58: Beauty in the Brokenness with Ellie Holcomb

Allie interviews one of our favorite singer-songwriters, Ellie Holcomb. Ellie shares about her unexpected path to creating music. She shares about some of the "kairos" moments in her life and some of the ways God has met her in broken, difficult seasons. She opens up about some of the challenging…
February 12, 2018

57: What It’s Like to Work at Anthropologie with KellyAnn Sutton

Join Rachel as she interviews Dallas-based KellyAnn Sutton, the District Brand Leader for Anthropologie, the clothing, accessories, and household goods line we all know and love. KellyAnn shares how a car accident shaped the trajectory of her life, what it was like to work in ministry after graduating from college,…
January 30, 2018

56: Healthy, Whole and Free with Katie Farrell

Often, with the New Year comes self-imposed pressure to get fit, lose weight or make some major health resolutions. In this episode with our guest Katie Farrell, you'll get tips on how to find true freedom from food and body image issues that really lasts. Katie is the author of…
January 11, 2018

53: Your Own Beautiful with Chelsea Crockett

Allie interviews Chelsea Crockett popular YouTube star and author of the new book "Your Own Beautiful." Chelsea is one of the biggest names in social media today with more than 1.5 million subscribers on her popular YouTube channel, BeautyliciousInsider, which she started when she was only thirteen years old. Chelsea has since…
December 4, 2017

52: Following God’s Plan for Your Life with Monica Zuniga

Monica Zuniga has had jobs in both the corporate sector as a recruiter and in the nonprofit world, where she started worked with two different organizations serving missionaries. With her degree in business management, Monica didn't expect to find herself in the nonprofit sector. But she continued to walk through…
November 20, 2017

51: Sarah Hill

Beautifully Flawed || Allie interviews her friend Sarah Hill, who is also a regular speaker at our Anchored In Love Conference. Portrayed by Carrie Underwood in the movie "Soul Surfer," Sarah Hill was instrumental in helping surfer Bethany Hamilton through a tragic shark attack that left her with one arm. She leads…
November 6, 2017

50: Lindsey Bailey

What is Community Mental Health, Exactly? || Growing up in Chile for the majority of her life, Lindsey brings a diverse and bicultural set of skills and experiences to her current work as a clinical social worker for Saint Anthony Hospital’s Community Wellness Program. Lindsey works in the community mental health field providing free…
October 23, 2017

49: Christy Wright

Business Savvy Advice || Allie interviews Christy Wright, Certified Business Coach, Ramsey Personality, speaker and the creator of Business Boutique: a woman's guide for making money and doing what she loves. Christy has a passion for equipping women with the knowledge and steps they need to successfully run and grow a business. She has…
October 10, 2017