49: Christy Wright

Business Savvy Advice || Allie interviews Christy Wright, Certified Business Coach, Ramsey Personality, speaker and the creator of Business Boutique: a woman's guide for making money and doing what she loves. Christy has a passion for equipping women with the knowledge and steps they need to successfully run and grow a business. She has…
October 10, 2017

48: Carly Burson

Meet the Founder of Tribe Alive || Carly Burson is the CEO and Founder of lifestyle brand Tribe Alive, a marketplace for gorgeous jewelry, accessories, and, most recently, apparel, all of which is made by female artisans from Guatemala, Haiti, India, Honduras, and beyond. Tribe Alive was born from a…
September 25, 2017

47: Constance Rhodes

Finding Balance: Eat Well, Live Well || Allie interviews Constance Rhodes, founder and CEO of FINDINGbalance, a Christian nonprofit helping people find freedom from eating and body image issues. She is the author of Life Inside The Thin Cage: A Personal Look Into the Hidden World of the Chronic Dieter and…
September 18, 2017

46: Cassidy Perry

The Arise Box, A New Way Consumers Can Make a Difference || We're back from our summer break! Today we're talking with Cassidy Perry, who believes that everyone can make a positive difference in the world in either big or small ways. Because of that belief, she created and launched The…
September 5, 2017

45: Rachel Brown & Allie Marie Smith

One Year Anniversary! || We're celebrating one year of podcasting! Join Rachel Brown and Allie Marie Smith as they discuss insights they've gleaned from co-hosting the past 44 episodes of the Wonderfully Made podcast. They share what their guests have taught them and lessons they've learned about God and themselves.
July 31, 2017

44: Erin Pommer

On Hospitality & Life in the Restaurant Industry || Join us today as Rachel interviews Erin Pommer, the Director of Events at Frasca Food & Wine and Pizzeria Locale, both based in Boulder, Colorado. Erin talks about what hospitality means to her, how she got her start in the restaurant…
July 26, 2017

43: Jennifer Rothschild

The Art of Self Talk and Soul Talk || Jennifer Rothschild is an author and speaker, having written 14 books and Bible studies. At the age of fifteen, she was diagnosed with a rare, degenerative eye disease that would eventually steal her sight.  Jennifer has now lived longer in physical…
July 17, 2017

42: Lauren Henn (Part 2)

Life in the Big Apple || Lauren Henn, who we chatted with in Episode #38, is back on the podcast today to talk about life in New York City. While we love so many places in this great big world, we find New York City to be one of the…
July 10, 2017

41: Jessica Munoz

Shining Light in the Dark || Jessica Munoz is the Founder and President of Ho ola Na Pua (meaning “new life for our children”), a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is the renewal of trafficked girls. Jess shares insights into the sex trafficking industry and shares how you can get more…
June 26, 2017

40: Liz Forkin Bohannon

Meet the Founder of Sseko Designs || Join us today as Rachel interviews the talented, brilliant founder of Sseko Designs, a fashion brand based in Uganda. Through the sale of beautiful handbags, accessories, and leather sandals, Sseko creates opportunity and community for women globally. Listen in as Liz shares about…
June 19, 2017

39: Nicole Braddock Bromley

The Power of One Voice || Join us as Allie as she interviews her friend Nicole Braddock Bromley, the Founder of OneVOICE and Executive Director of OneVOICE4freedom, a non-profit organization stopping child sex trafficking around the world. Nicole opens up about her story, the four keys to healing from abuse, and her journey…
June 13, 2017

38: Lauren Henn

On Startups & Service || Today Lauren Henn joins us to shed light on the startup world, giving us insight into several of the fascinating jobs she's had over the past few years. She also shares with us about finding healing through service, and how volunteering to help others can ease…
June 5, 2017

37: Blythe Hill

How a Dress Can Change the World || Blythe Hill is the Founder and CEO of Dressember, a foundation that raises funds to fight human trafficking through a December dress challenge. They have raised over 3 million since 2013. Allie chats with Blythe about her personal story, the story of…
May 30, 2017

36: Hunter Folsom

Walking Through Open Doors || Join us today as recent college graduate Hunter Folsom shares about her career and vocational paths. Hunter has always been inspired to serve others, which is evident in the roles she's chosen to pursue after graduation. Rachel interviews Hunter today to learn about the time she…
May 23, 2017

35: Erin Weidemann

Female Heroines of the Bible || Join us as Allie interviews Erin Weidemann, Co-Founder and CEO of Bible Belles, a company that helps girls connect with the female heroes of the Bible. Erin shares what we can learn from some of the most overlooked women of the Bible and shares…
May 16, 2017

34: Katelyn Taylor

Small Town Living + Big World Vision || Katelyn Taylor is a native of West Monroe, Louisiana, a small town with a population of 13,000 people. She lives in West Monroe with her husband, their two sons, and a large extended family, and she serves her local community through her…
May 8, 2017

33: Jess Puccinelli

On Entrepreneurship & Joy || Allie interviews Jess Puccinelli, Founder of Haute-Hope, a socially conscious gifting studio in which every product in each gift box has a cause tied to it or positively impacts the world. They talk about her faith journey, entrepreneurship, the art of hustle and her recipe for joy.…
April 27, 2017

32: Priscilla Zelaya & Berthrude Albert

Projects for Haiti || Priscilla Zelaya & Berthrude Albert are the Co-Founders of Projects for Haiti, a nonprofit organization that creates projects that foster sustainable development, impacting both individuals and the nation as a whole. These two friends met in college and share many similarities, including their love for Haiti,…
April 24, 2017

31: Kirsten Haglund

Hope for Eating Disorders & Living Beyond Yourself || Allie interviews Kirsten Haglund, a television personality and commentator who served as Miss America 2008. She also founded an organization which raises funds to provide treatment scholarships for families seeking recovery and freedom from disordered eating. She shares her personal story about…
April 18, 2017

30: Laura Hale

Side Hustle School || Laura Hale has used her digital expertise in fields including commercial real estate and e-commerce management, and in addition to the great work she puts into her day job, she is a side hustle expert who puts her skills to use for projects outside of the office…
April 11, 2017