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Freedom from Disordered Eating and Dysfunctional Behaviors — with Kassandra Baker and Allie Marie Smith

Kassandra Baker, Certified Life, Health and Mental Health Coach joins Allie Marie Smith to share her story of finding freedom from unhealthy coping mechanisms such as perfectionism, disordered eating and people-pleasing. Our interview with Kassandra will give you encouragement, hope and practical tools to help you experience healing and freedom.  Kassandra and Allie discuss: 


      • Kassandra’s story of finding freedom from two eating disorders and unhealthy coping mechanisms
      • How people pleasing, perfectionism and control keep us in bondage
      • How she found life-saving support through people and tools 
      • How bringing our struggles to the light and community helps us heal 
      • Dysfunctional behaviors we use to mask pain 
      • How dysfunctional behaviors are the symptoms deeper wounds and trauma
      • What neuroscience is and how it can heal our brains and transform our lives

—Watch the episode here

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About Kassandra Baker

Kassandra Baker is a Certified Health, Life, & Mental Health Coach and Professional Speaker.  She helps women who are trapped in unhealthy habits such as perfectionism, disordered eating, legalism, and people pleasing, so they can break free from dysfunctional behaviors in order to live free.