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Whether you are a teen girl, a young woman or a mom, youth leader or mentor we are so glad you are here.

It’s not easy living in our culture today. We can question our worth. We might think our value is in our looks, accomplishments or influence. Somedays feel overwhelming. We can feel directionless and insignificant. We might buy the toxic narrative our culture sells and believe the lies that keep us from living the life we’ve been created for.

Today, one in four young women are living with a mental health challenge.

We believe that when a girl or woman knows her God-given value and identity it changes everything.

We believe that self-esteem is not the answer. But God is. It’s in a personal relationship with Jesus that we discover the worth, love and identity we have been created for.

We believe that through our faith, replacing lies with truth, professional help when needed and strong community support God can heal and restore our lives.

We are a Christian-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping teen girls and young women know their true value, while encouraging and equipping them to live spiritually and emotionally healthy lives.

In today’s culture, many young women are struggling with low self-worth and/or mental health struggles and many others are questioning their identity and purpose. Through our events, podcasts, films, Bible studies and other resources, we equip young women to establish a secure sense of their worth through a personal relationship with Christ.

We have served over 200,000 young women since 2004.
We have hosted 10 young women’s conferences in California and Hawaii for 10,000 women and girls.
We have become one of our nation’s leading and most respected Christian ministries for young women.
The Story and a Note from Our Founder

I started Wonderfully Made in my early twenties after experiencing severe depression which left me hospitalized and wanting to end my life. It was there in the hospital I began to read the Bible for the first time in my life. As I poured over the Gospels I discovered Jesus loved the broken. I was as broken as a girl could and in the hospital chapel, while a woman sang Amazing Grace I surrender my life to Christ.

I’ve hard times since but I’ve never been the same. I have experienced healing and freedom through my relationship with God, professional help and strong family support.

 I believe God can do beautiful things with a broken life.

Today I spend my time directing this ministry, hosting our Wonderfully Made podcast, writing books and mentoring young women. I am a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach, speaker, mentor and am passionate about helping girls and young women discover the identity, love and worth they’ve been created.  I live in North Santa Barbara County in California and love surfing and adventuring and up down our golden coast with my husband Paul and our Golden Retriever Gidget.

As you explore our site, I hope your soul will be lifted and that you will be reminded that you are not alone on this journey or in the struggles you face, that God deeply loves you and is with you.

I’d love to hear from you at my personal website alliemariesmith.com and you can occasionally find me on Instagram at @alliemariesmith.


Allie sitting on truck bumper

Allie Marie Smith
Founder & Executive Director

What We Do

The Wonderfully  Made Podcast
Our podcast is designed for young women ages 18+ and the women who love them. We tackle the topics of faith, wellness and mental health, relationships, purpose and also share women’s testimonies. Subscribe in iTunes here.

Encouragement Packages
We send teen girls who are in distress encouragement packages to remind them of God’s love for them and that He has a plan for their lives. Sponsor a package for $35 here. To request that we send a girl a package with her parent’s permission, please complete this form.

Conferences and Events
We have hosted 10 young women’s conferences for over 10,000 young women across the country. We do not have any events planned on this time but send up for our email list to be notified of any future events.

Online Encouragement
We encourage over 15,000 girls and young women on our social media accounts.

Our New Book by Allie Marie Smith
Our Founder’s much anticipated book releases this October. Keep in touch with us to find out more soon!

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