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About Wonderfully Made®

We are a non-profit, Christ-centered organization dedicated to helping teen girls and women know their God-given value, identity, and purpose and experience vibrant mental health.

Over 1 million girls and women reached the last 20 years with the message of what it means to be “wonderfully made.”
We have hosted 30 conferences and retreats for over 10,000 teen girls and women.
We are the nation’s leading and longest-lasting ministries at the intersection of faith and mental health for teen girls and women.

“I praise you [God] because I am fearfully [lovingly] and wonderfully made.”
-Psalm 139:14

What We Do

Girl looking at iPhone with Wonderfullymade podcast

The Wonderfully Made Podcast

Our podcast for teen girls and women of all ages features heartfelt interviews with authors and experts to help you grow in your faith and lead flourishing and wholehearted lives. Your co-hosts Allie Marie Smith and Christie Myers interview some of the world’s most inspiring and influential women of faith and host conversations to help you thrive in your life. Listen and subscribe here.

Book and Resources

Our life-changing message is captured in Allie Marie Smith’s book Wonderfully Made: Discover the Identity, Love, and Worth You Were Created For. Get a copy on Amazon or at your favorite retailer.

Allie holding her book WonderfullyMade

Young Women's Events

We are a ministry for teen girls and women of all ages that is passionate about pouring into the next generation of girls. We host annual inspiring young women’s conferences and retreats. We have hosted over thirty events for over 10,000 young women and the women who love them in California and Hawaii. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified of future events.

Our Online Community

Our online community gives community and Christ-centered content and resources to help teen girls and women thrive spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

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The Story and Allie Marie Smith's Testimony Film

Allie Marie Smith started Wonderfully Made® her sophomore year of college. Her life was transformed by God after experiencing severe depression at the age of eighteen and again at twenty-one which left her hospitalized and almost took her life.

She believed if just one girl could be reached with the hope, healing and love of Christ that saved her and transformed her life, it would be worth the effort. And it has been.Over the last twenty years, we have reached hundreds of thousands of girls and women worldwide through our events, podcast, resources and multi-media content.

We believe that when you know Jesus and know your value, it changes everything. We hope everything we do and share will help you discover your God-given identity and live the wholehearted life you’ve been wonderfully made for.

As you explore our website and content, we hope your soul will be lifted. We pray that you will know you are not alone on your journey through life or in the struggles you face, and that God deeply loves you and is with you.

1 in 3 teen girls are seriously contemplating attempting suicide today, and 3 in 5 feel persistently sad and hopeless. 1 in 4 women have a mental health condition. Please help us reach teen girls and women with the message of their true worth and the hope of Christ. Your support makes Wonderfully Made® possible.

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