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Young Women’s Conferences
Every year we aim to host one conference for young women and the women who love them. We have hosted ten annual conferences throughout California and in Hawaii. We haven’t hosted a conference since 2019 because of COVID. For six years, we partnered with the Beautifully Flawed Foundation and surfer Bethany Hamilton Friends to host  a conference together called Anchored In Love in San Diego County and Orange County, California. Through all our conferences we have reached of 10,000 girls and women with the message of their true identity, purpose and worth. If your church or organization is interested in hosting either one of our conference, please contact us at

What Girls and Women Are Saying About our Conferences:

“This conference was amazing! All of my friends and I definitely had something to relate to. And I believe God worked in the lives of my friends and I because we left the conference knowing more and more about God and just more amazing things he has done to other people’s lives. And just knowing that we are created wonderfully by God.”

“God used this conference to remind me where my identity is found; in Him and Him alone. It was awesome hearing different women’s stories and how they have overcome hardships.”

“Last year, I went to Anchored in Love before a really rough time in which a family member had severe mental health problems. I truly believe that the conference helped me get through that hard time.”

“God really worked in my life to get me to this conference because this was my dad’s weekend and he doesn’t normally allow me to do anything like this or switch weekends with my mom. Now that I’m 13, my mom let him know that I would go to his place after the conference because I can have a say in how I spend my time. I really wanted to go to this conference because it seemed cool. On a 1 to 10 scale of how meaningful this was for me, I’d give it a 46!!”

“I have struggled with self confidence to this very day. I’ve recently been working on finding out who God says I am. I don’t want either of my daughters to go through what I have. This event was just as powerful if not even more for me as a 39 year-old mom as it was for my 13 year-old. I look forward to coming back every year and cant wait to bring my younger daughter when she’s 13.”

Highlights from our 2015 Anchored In Love Conference:

Highlights from our 2012 Conference in Oahu, Hawaii:

Wonderfully Made Conference | Oahu 2013 from Wonderfully Made on Vimeo.