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Foundations for Mental Wellness — with Freddie Amos and Allie Marie Smith

Do you want to experience more joy, happiness and better mental health, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel alone and overwhelmed? Be encouraged that there is hope for you and you can experience relief and healing. Freddie Amos, a women’s counselor discusses the foundations of good mental wellness we can all lean into and that can guide us to improved mental health. 


Freddie and Allie talk about:

  • Some habits or hang ups that negatively impact our mental health
  • Top 3 cornerstones of mental wellness 
  • Why counseling is so great
  • How to respond to intrusive thoughts and transform our minds
  • Encouragement and hope for the girl or woman who wants to end her life
  • How to know when you need outside help


—Watch the episode here

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About Freddie

Freddie Amos is a Dallas, TX native, attended Auburn University where she met her husband Parker, where she completed her masters in clinical mental health. Freddie is currently working for Live Original, a ministry founded by Sadie Rob Huff as a women’s Christian counselor. Her passion is to help women of all ages walk in the abundance of life God has given to all.