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“Do you ever question your worth or wonder what on earth you’re here for? Our world tells us we're too much or not enough. The pressures we face can be overwhelming and leave us wondering if this is all there is.

You have been wonderfully made by God with dignity, purpose, and worth. We are here to help you flourish, gain confidence, and live a life of significance.

As a non-profit organization, we have helped hundreds and thousands of teen girls and women for the last 20 years walk in their true worth and experience greater joy, freedom, and wholeness.

Through our resources, podcasts, online encouragement, and young women's events, we inspire you to live a better life — the life you've been made for.”

"I know what it's like to experience depression, unworthiness, and shame. But more than that, I know God can mend the broken pieces of our lives and give us more joy and purpose than we can ever imagine."

Allie Marie SmithFounder of Wonderfully Made

The life our world and social media are telling you should live is a small life. You've been created for a wholehearted life of purpose, confidence, and joy.

I bought into the lie that beauty, popularity, partying, and money would make me "okay" in life. When this way of life came crashing down, God used Wonderfully Made to bring my searching soul to Him and help me find joy again.”


“Thank you for showing me I’ve been made for so much more. I am walking in more freedom, joy and peace than I ever could have imagined. The love of Christ has transformed me."


“It doesn’t matter how old you are: truth is truth and lies are lies. Wonderfully Made shares the truth about our identity, value, and worth in Christ. They speak against the lies brought on by comparison, depression, and shame — truth I want my girls to grow up knowing and truth I need to be reminded of daily.”


“Thank you for showing me I’ve been made for so much more. I am walking in more freedom, joy and peace than I ever could have imagined. The love of Christ has transformed me."


“I have a hard time struggling with depression and often feel like I’m not enough and wonder what I’m here for. Thank you for sharing God’s love and purpose for my life and giving me hope."


Our name comes from a prayer in the book of Psalms that says: "I praise you [God] because I am fearfully [lovingly] and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well." - Psalm 13:14

"You have been made with love and wonder. To be fearfully [lovingly] and wonderfully made means knowing God created you with intention, purpose, worth, beauty, and dignity just as you are."
- Allie Marie Smith

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