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Holding on to Faith While Dealing With Loss — with Tori Parris and Christie Myers

Grief is an intimate, personal pain that is often hard to discuss, even years after loss. For some, grief begins before a loved one passes as we watch their health deteriorate before our eyes. Tori Parris, an internationally acclaimed recording artist, shares her personal journey about how grief grew in waves that hit suddenly and hard after her father’s cancer diagnosis. Tori offers words of comfort to those who are preparing for a loss, experiencing loss, or seeking to better understand the pain a loved one is going through. She provides suggestions for coping with grief as well as prayers that guide one spiritually through the grieving process.


Tori and Christie discuss:

  • Tori’s personal story of loss
  • The difference between mourning and grieving
  • How creative practices can aid in the grieving process
  • Why we don’t have to grieve the loss of loved ones as the world does but rather with the hope of Jesus
  • How we all will grieve differently

—Watch the episode here

Important Links

Tori’s Book: Love Is Never Lost: Standing Strong in Faith While Grieving
Tori’s website

About Tori

Tori Parris is an internationally acclaimed recording artist known for her energetic performances and fun personality. Whether in schools, churches, prisons, or hospitals, Tori is passionate about sharing the gospel. She has toured extensively for the past decade, performing her music and teaching at workshops, conferences, and universities. Tori has opened for bands such as Plumb, For King and Country, Tenth Ave. North, Brit Nicole, Skillet, Sidewalk Prophets, and more. Tori holds numerous national and international awards and is a voting member of the Gospel Music Association.Prior to publishing Love Is Never Lost: Standing Strong in Faith While Grieving with Whitaker House, Tori self-published the books Pure and Jesus Kisses. Her passion is to see this generation fall back in love with Christ.