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Finding Freedom from Oppression — with Lily Meschi and Christie Myers

Join us for a conversation about finding freedom from oppression with Lily Meschi, Director of Partner Operations for Iran Alive Ministries. Lily shares her testimony of coming to faith in Christ from Islam and her calling to help girls and women find freedom from the oppressive laws they face in Iran and Muslim countries. Join Lily and our co-host host, Christie Myers, as they discuss:


    • Iran’s laws that oppress young women from knowing their value
    • Finding freedom from an abusive marriage
    • Understanding that God loves you in the most difficult situations
    • Lily’s journey to finding Jesus
    • Uncovering lies that are taught to you by the culture you grow up in
    • Finding hope after years of oppression

—Watch the episode here

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About Lily Meschi

With a passion “to live life on purpose,” Lily Meschi serves in ministry for Iran Alive as the Director of Partners Relations. Through her own experiences as an Iranian Woman, Lily offers profound insight into the current protests in Iran for women’s rights. Lily was born and raised in a Muslim family in Tehran, Iran. At the age of 18, her family moved to the U.S. Through a chain of painful hardships relating to her rights as an Iranian woman, Lily came to discover Christianity. In her freedom found in her own testimony, she has developed a heart for Iranian women who, like herself, have undergone similar oppression and loneliness. Lily often speaks on the corrupt practices of arranged marriages of young women to older men in the Middle East. She takes pride in working at Iran Alive Ministries, where she is able to speak about cultural dispositions such as arranged marriages and the strong grip of abusive male domination in the culture. 

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