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Living a Beautiful, Faithful Life — with Alycia Johnson and Allie Marie Smith

Join us for a conversation about living a beautiful and faithful life right where you’re at. If you ever feel unseen or like you’re not enough, this conversation will remind you how extraordinary your life is regardless of how much applause or attention you get. Be encouraged to cultivate deep roots and live faithfully in the present so you can flourish where God has planted you. Alycia and Allie talk about:

Alycia and Allie discuss:

  • Encouragement for the girl or woman who feels unseen
  • Living a life of extraordinary purpose in ordinary and unseen moments
  • Serving faithfully where God plants you
  • Finding community outside of romantic relationships
  • Alycia’s own roots and journey to finding her identity in Christ
  • Knowing and discovering your purpose 


—Watch the episode here

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About Alycia Johnson

Alycia Johnson is a daughter, sister, and friend to many. She is the new media manager for Wonderfully Made.  Alycia is currently the Editor – In – Chief at Tirzah Ministries and co–founder of Tirzah Place: A Home for Teenage Mothers. As the daughter of teenage parents, she spends her time advocating for strengthening families and giving parents the tools to break generational cycles. Her passion in life is for women to know their value and carry out their personal God–given callings.