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An Excerpt from “Here, Now” by Kate Merrick

By Kate MerrickIt seems more and more, as we live in the digital age, there is a counterfeit for every real thing. We stare at screens instead of looking out windows at meadows and mountains. We envy other people’s pictures, though they’re often filtered and angled so they portray something…
May 9, 2019

Unexpected Beauty

By Aimee Piersma Photography by Allie Marie Smith All this rain is worth it when I see a rainbow. This morning I made sure my girls saw it. Birdie glimpsed it before she ran off to class. Jellybean had more time. She said with awe, “That’s the first real rainbow…
August 22, 2018

5 Keys to Living Whole and Free

Explore what it means to live whole and free with this encouraging resource created just for you.

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