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An Excerpt from “Here, Now” by Kate Merrick

By Kate MerrickIt seems more and more, as we live in the digital age, there is a counterfeit for every real thing. We stare at screens instead of looking out windows at meadows and mountains. We envy other people’s pictures, though they’re often filtered and angled so they portray something…
May 9, 2019
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Summer Reading List

By: Rachel Brown Summertime is finally here, and one of our favorite ways to unwind is to stretch out in the sunshine near a body of water (the ocean, a lake, the pool—take your pick) with a cool beverage and a great book. Here are some of the things we’re…
July 6, 2016
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On Waiting & Walking Through Open Doors

By: Rachel Brown When we’re waiting and praying and dreaming for something, it’s hard to know exactly how to move forward. It’s easy to second-guess ourselves as we mentally sort through the process, asking ourselves plenty of questions along the way. Do we need to seek out stillness, reveling in…
February 12, 2016