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The Mess and the Mender

By: Tiffany Burlingame I was a master deflector My own prideful protector I denied the pain needed a resurrector So I became a neglector I refused to surrender to Jesus The only person with power to free us I was gripped by shame Until Jesus called me by name “Tiffany, you are a…
November 30, 2016
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You Call Yourself

By: Lauren Goderwis You call Yourself the Light This darkness makes it hard to see Please guide me through the shadows That I may continue on with Thee You call Yourself the Shepherd I'm prone to wander and to roam When I go to leave Your presence Break my legs…
August 8, 2016

Because You Are Loved

By: Juliandra Durkin I first heard this poem at a Wonderfully Made event when I was in college. Sitting outside on the lawn, one of the girls at the end of the meeting asked if she could share a poem that meant a lot to her. I remember my eyes…
July 20, 2016

The Sunshine is a Tangible Thing

By: Harmony Lange The sunshine is a tangible thing, A palpable thing. It fills the air around you, Paints trees, Wraps you up. It stirs the smell of dirt from the ground The most honest smell. Its warmth dries up the pine needles creating a carpet that whispers softly as…
February 9, 2016

Looking Up

By: Harmony Lange Going home Going home Going home I’m going HOME Where the drizzling rain is accompanied By the grey and the chill As it ought And the trees stand tall With rough, damp bark And falling needles And the earth is dark and rich And the land dips…
January 4, 2016

He is Perfect Love

When the day bird sings and the trees clap their hands When the ocean foams along the shore When the sun kisses your face and the breeze ripples your hair When you can't feel a thing because perfect love cast out fear. And perfect love is obsolete For you went…
November 9, 2015