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Warren Coetzer

When the day bird sings and the trees clap their hands

When the ocean foams along the shore

When the sun kisses your face and the breeze ripples your hair

When you can’t feel a thing because perfect love cast out fear.

And perfect love is obsolete

For you went looking for it on the street

In people, places, and muddy waters

So fear is all you know

It keeps you behind walls

They let you down, betrayed your trust

Then this new thing erupts

It breathes and you find no words to express

It comes from the wind and makes you bendable

It touches your soul and penetrates the stony heart

You decide to try it again this thing called love

But now you look in different places


The carnal will not do

The lust can’t satisfy this new you

The perfect love came and hung on the tree

The lonely bird silenced

The darkness fell upon the earth

But the light broke through

And then you came running

Bringing all your fear

You placed it at the foot of that blood soaked cross

Perfect love cast out fear

You no longer search in people or self-worth

It’s a new morning and these grave clothes must depart

You open your heart and let him take the seeds of bitterness,


You walk in a spiritual plane

Above trees and skies and even your dreams

And love removes the darkness

And now you glow

Like a lighted candle in a dark world

You fall down sometimes and you remember the earth

You are only dirt,

A flower fading

But now you know a love that renews you

Heals you and lets you soar above the fear

Where brokenness can heal

He is perfect love


Photo Cred: Warren Coetzer


about-the-authorTekoa Manning is the author of two fiction works, Polishing Jade & Walter the Homeless Man. After a neurological illness left her disabled and eventually homeless, Tekoa began to channel her creativity into writing and devouring the Word of Yahweh. She is the wife of a retired police chief and the mother of three sons. Tekoa and her husband reside in a small town in KY. The pen name Tekoa means Trumpet, the instrument that unites people at a sudden impulse.

You can find out more about Tekoa and her writing endeavors at

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