What Do Our Hearts Know?

By: Tekoa Manning “If our hearts know nothing against us, we have confidence in approaching God” 1 John 3:21. What do our hearts know? "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9 KJV. Yahweh searches the hearts of men to see whats…
July 18, 2016

He Makes You Fly

By: Juliandra Durkin A Kite. Up there, bight and high. The tails streamlining behind like ribbons in little girls hair flowing when they run. The colors draw the eyes of people from miles around. All are staring up at the beautiful Kite floating gracefully. The Kite dips and twirls as…
June 2, 2016
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Learning to Own My Story

By: Lauren Goderwis "What happened?" Hearing that question sends my stomach through the floor. Every. Single. Time. It yanks me back to the shame and embarrassment, the confusion and darkness, that I walked through not too long ago. It punches me with the pain, the hurt, the hopelessness, and the…
May 27, 2016

Now What?

By: Juliandra Durkin Many of our readers are past the awkward teen years, but have realized that college isn't much better when it comes to awkward. You know what I'm talking about- moving home for summer, you don't feel quite like the daughter that grew up in your parents home,…
May 10, 2016
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{WM Spotlight} Shayla Tonge

Your family of four set out to venture the world and volunteer in orphanages in India, Africa and Central America. What led up to this wild journey and how do you go about it? In 8th grade, I checked out a book from my school library called 360 Degrees Longitude,…
May 2, 2016
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More Than Reflections

By: Alyssa Spang “What would you do if they developed houses on this land?” I recently asked my sister. “I don't know—have a protest or something.” Beside my parents' house, there is an innocuous patchwork of cornfields and a rugged central Pennsylvania farm path. In middle and high-school, I used…
March 24, 2016

Three Reasons to Celebrate Easter

By: Abigail Driscoll Let's be honest: it's easy to forget. With all of life’s obligations, full schedules, the rush of getting everything done, and your do-to list hanging over our shoulder, holidays have a tendency to sneak up on us. We’re so caught off guard that we scramble to remember…
March 23, 2016

He is Perfect Love

When the day bird sings and the trees clap their hands When the ocean foams along the shore When the sun kisses your face and the breeze ripples your hair When you can't feel a thing because perfect love cast out fear. And perfect love is obsolete For you went…
November 9, 2015

The Gift of Vulnerability

By: Bri Deutsch I love walking.  It’s during my walks that I connect with God on a deeper level.  And that day was no different -- it was a rainy, fall day and I was taking a walk on a grainy path trail that was littered with multi-colored leaves and…
October 23, 2015

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

by: Erin Weidemann Did you sing this song as a kid? I did. I sang it in church. Not every week, but I sang it enough times to remember part of it. I don’t know all the words, but I know the beginning: What a friend we have in Jesus…
April 30, 2015
Christina Stolaasfreedomprayerscripture

“I AM” is Here

by Christina StolaasNote from Anne: We don't normally post several times a day on Know Your Value, but in light of the catastrophic damages that hit the east coast yesterday when Hurricane Sandy arrived, it seemed necessary to add in a bit of extra encouragement. I love the verse from…
October 30, 2012

Not Defined By The Past

by Natalie Lynn Borton Friend, you are worth so much more than what you've done. Whatever is in the past is behind—unchangeable. Yes, there may be some shame you need to overcome. Yes, you might need to dig deep and learn something from your personal history. But be defined by…
July 9, 2012

Life or Death

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Below is a personal testimony from Christie, a beloved Wonderfully Made Executive Team member. It is raw, honest, powerful and true, and intended to provide perspective. To learn more about Christie's story and the freedom she's experienced from her past, please watch her HerStory film here.…
April 17, 2012
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Freedom from Captivity

by Gennean Woodall As young women, I believe we often feel the need to look a certain way, act a certain way, and be a certain way. The pressure that society places on our shoulders is insurmountable and ridiculous; highly desired and yet relatively unachievable. I'm not referring to the…
March 15, 2012

Dear High School Body

by Kristie Vosper NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The letter you are about to read is a personal reflection from Kristie, from her high school soul to her high school body. As you read, try to think about how you can relate to her feelings and reflections. When you're finished, we…
March 14, 2012