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By: Harmony Lange

Going home
Going home
Going home
I’m going HOME

Where the drizzling rain is accompanied
By the grey and the chill

As it ought

And the trees stand tall
With rough, damp bark
And falling needles

And the earth is dark and rich
And the land dips and rolls
And folds back on itself

And the skies are filled
With towering castles of clouds
Pushed by cold winds

And my hair whips about my face
And clings wetly to my skin
And tangles fretfully

As it ought

And I shiver outside
As I look up
At the dark, dark sky

Filled with stars and stars and stars

As I ought


about-the-authorHarmony Lange is a professional harpist and amateur poet, a lover of books, and a chronic seeker of happiness. A native of California, she graduated from Westmont College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and French, and the hope and determination to find her place in this crazy world. She’s currently pursuing the search in Southwestern Florida, but hopes to move soon to Minnesota. Find more info or contact her at

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