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The Beauty of Repentance

By: Juliandra Durkin

What does Christ’s death on the cross really mean for us? If we grew up in the church, then we know the story…

Jesus grew up in Nazareth and at the Lord’s timing was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. At that point, God the Father sent a dove and spoke from the Heaven’s to say, “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.” It was then that Jesus left for the desert for 40 days to fast and was tempted by Satan three times. Jesus resisted immaculately. After the desert days, the Son of God began His Father’s ministry to people. For three- four years He healed, served, helped, encouraged, called out, spoke up, listened, redeemed, and changed the earth in such a tangible way, that people are still talking about it today.

But as was prophesied, Jesus had to die. For us. People. For men, women, boys, girls, and the redemption of all creation that reeks of sin from the first human disobedience to God’s rule in Genesis. God demands perfection and humans alone cannot fill that gaping chasm to get to His life. Someone had to die.

So, in all of His humility, power, and love, Jesus allowed Judas to betray him. He allowed Pilate to accuse Him. He allowed soldiers to crucify Him. And He allowed sin to conquer Him in death.

But not for long.

Which is the best part and even as I write I feel a smile.

Because He Defeated It All.

The pain. The misery. The cutting. The apathy. The depression. The divorce. The abuse. The slavery. The addiction. The greed. The racism. The gossip. The hatred that Satan attacks and oppresses people with… Jesus defeated for us! And He continues to defeat and fight for us today!

The story is beautiful because it allows us freedom to change. To smile. To dance. To give. And to love Him.

The beauty of repenting our sins, however big or small they might be in the world’s eyes, means that the woman of God has power through Jesus’ story to live FREE.

It is a beauty from blood kind of story, like a deep red rose. There is so much significance, love, and beauty in a red rose. And the beauty from blood makes me want to reach up to Heaven for more; which God is oh so willing to give!

So see the beauty in repentance and know you can have freedom in Christ. Because He already died for it.


about the authorJuliandra Durkin is the manager for Wonderfully Made’s blog Know Your Value. She also writes at Written Jewels, a personal blog with stories and reflections on life. Besides writing, she spends her free time exercising or out in nature. Give her a beach or a mountain; sunrise or sunset, she loves it all, especially walking her dogs in the woods! A graduate of Westmont College, Juliandra was able to attend three study abroad programs exploring Spain, parts of the Middle East, and Mexico. These experiences gave her a heart for culture and travel and she hopes to get more stamps in the passport soon!

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