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by Anne Taylor

It’s fall tomorrow! I’m so excited to make apple crisp, go see the Colorado aspen leaves changing color in the mountains (like the above photo from last year!), and to pull down my cozy sweaters from the closet where they’ve been hibernating. What’s the weather like where you are at?
Here’s a little link love for your weekend! Enjoy!

1. Our Wonderfully Made Oahu Conference starts tomorrow!
2. Lisa Eldridge and her fantastic makeup tutorial videos.
3. Cultivating A Circle of Friends That Are Like Family
4. Here are 50 things every creative person should know.
5. This made me have a heart attack, but it is so completely incredible!
6. Perfect for new bloggers, the soon to launch Creative Market is creating an Etsy-like shop for photoshop brushes, fonts, photo layouts, and more! And to celebrate their upcoming opening, they’re offering a ton of freebies for early adopters.
7. Do you like cats? How about french speaking cats? How about french SINGING cats??
8. Gotta give love to the home state!
9. Do you girls follow Wonderfully Made on Pinterest?
10. Jesus Isn’t Hiring

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