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Advent Conspiracy: The Art of Reclaiming the True Spirit of Christmas

by Allie Marie Smith

I’m ashamed to confess that one of things I’m looking forward to the most this Christmas is getting some new Lululemon gear and another pair boots—I gave my mom my wish list and she always comes through for my inner diva. See, I’m twenty-eight and I still think I’m the reason for the season! God-honest, soul-checks are never pretty are they?

What if you didn’t get a single Christmas gift this year? Would you really be content? Are Jesus and the blessings He’s given you really enough to satisfy you? How do we reclaim Christmas in a culture that has cheapened the real meaning of the season? Here are few tips, inspired by the Advent Conspiracy, the brainchild of Living Water:

  • Make that Call, write that Letter. Make a list of your friends and family members you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Make a commitment to call each one of them or mail them a handwritten note. Your presence in their lives is the best present of all.
  • Give Your Time. “Christmas is about God giving himself away to the people he loves. Why don’t we do the same?”
  • Give Gifts That Give Twice. If you’re going to buy gifts, choose to be a compassionate shopper. Think 31 Bits, One Mango Tree, Krochet Kids, Wonderfully Made, Project 7, World Vision, TOMS, or Della…just to name a few!
  • Spend Less, Give More. Americans spend $400 billion on Christmas every year. Imagine if we all bought less and gave more? This Christmas give to a cause you’re passionate about it and believe in.
  • Celebrate Jesus. Worship fully. Read the Christmas story. Invite someone to church. Play that Christmas music full-blast and sing with joy.

Do any of these tips resonate with you? In what non-traditional ways would you consider celebrating the Christmas season this year?

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