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by Allie Marie Smith

Today I am grateful to feature the story of Kelly Vegas of I Am Free Ministries. She’s an amazing woman who has recently become an insta-friend! I had the privilege of hearing bits and pieces of Kelly’s powerful testimony while she spoke at the Breaking Through Conference last month where we hosted a table and photo-booth.

I was moved with chills and tears. I was honored to find out Kelly’s been recommending HEAL to the many girls she mentors and counsels. I got her number and gave her a call as I was driving my rental car to Remuda Ranch (an eating disorder treatment center) earlier this month. I was fearful to share my story and felt like the Lord wanted me to call her.

During our conversation (it felt like I’d known her forever!) she encouraged me with words of truth and prayer. I’m so thankful for her and the torch of hope she it to me and thousands of girls. Meet Kelly. This is “HerStory”…

Broken, Starved & Transformed

Growing up as a teen in Southern California my emotions were too painful to endure as my life was spinning out of control. The only thing I could control was my food and my weight. I started to starve to numb my feelings and I became obsessed with being thin. When starving wasn’t enough I had to throw up anything I ate. Anorexia and Bulimia brought me comfort in my pain. It provided a sense of security in my chaotic family. It numbed all my feelings and gave me a false sense of control. My eating disorder made me feel like I was invincible. It became my everything.

I found myself in the grips of its deadly control. I starved myself down to a deadly weight and at 16 I found myself in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. Yet that wasn’t enough to stop me from starving and throwing up. Suddenly I found myself in a battle of choosing to live or to die…

Click here to hear Kelly’s full testimony about her struggle with anorexia and bulimia and how she found JESUS and HE set her free.

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