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Permission to Speak Freely: Interview with Anne Jackson

Anne Jackson is an author, speaker and catalyst for inspiring believers to live authentically and love unconditionally. I thought you would be impacted as I was by her interview with Michael Hyatt about her story and the premise of her new book “Permission to Speak Freely.” Being able to relate firsthand to Anne’s struggle with depression, I know that it’s never easy to speak openly or fearlessly about your story of brokenness. We fear judgement, rejection and even hate. Yet Jesus longs for His children to show mercy, compassion and grace. It is His “kindness that leads to repentance (Romans 2:4).” My hope is that Wonderfully Made will be a place where young women can come without pretense, fear or shame and find that they will be loved and accepted where they are, as they are and for who they are. May you know that no matter how isolated you may feel, y

ou are not alone in your secrets or brokenness.

What is one thing you don’t feel like you can speak openly about?

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