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YELLOW ROSES FILM: Real girls. Real life. Real hope.

The voices are young and full of emotion.

“I just feel like I have to be perfect…We so desperately want to fit in…It’s a constant struggle.”

The faces are pretty but often contorted with uncertainty and pain.

“It’s just coming at you from all angles with everyone saying how you’re supposed to look and what you’re supposed to do…When I didn’t automatically fit in and I saw that people were making fun of me, I’d just go home and cry…On the inside I just hated myself and I thought, why am I not enough?”

-Yellow Roses

Ever since God first gave me the vision for Wonderfully Made, our team has unceasingly dreamt of creative ways we can share the struggle today’s young women are enduring, and the message of hope God has for His daughters. I’ve always thought how epic it would be to create a documentary that authentically captured the world our generation of girls finds ourselves spinning in, while unveiling the message of our true value and worth in Christ. Well, the Yellow Roses team beat us to it and I’m so glad they did because I know this documentary will help raise awareness about the burdens our generation of girls is carrying and spread the hope-filled message of true beauty, purpose and worth God has for His daughters. I discovered the Yellow Roses film through our dear friend, Author & wmVoice Nicole Bromley whose powerful story is featured in the movie. Never before have I encountered a film that so poignantly captures the struggles every young woman encounters to some degree or another. I recently had the privilege of speaking with Karie Hughes, one of the films inspiring producers and we’re exploring ways Wonderfully Made can come alongside their team in helping get this message out there! Stay tuned.

To purchase the Yellow Roses film & learn more about how to be involved, visit their website.

What are some of the struggles you face or have faced as a young woman?

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