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Making of the “Fanny Pack Attack” Song

Hey There Beautiful wmGirls!

Happy Random Thursday! We want YOU, our beloved blog-readers to be the first to know that we are currently producing a top-secret (shhhhh!!!!) music video called “The Fanny Pack Attack.” We thought we would give a sneak-peak behind the making of the song inspired what we hope to be the next YouTube sensation! The song randomly came to Kayla as we were getting dressed for our 31 Bits Benefit Party. Kayla’s sister was wearing a belt that slightly resembled a fanny pack and the rest is history. It’s important to know that Christie has been wanting to bring back the fanny pack since ’95. Since the song came to us I have been having fanny pack sightings like you wouldn’t believe!

If you live in Central/Southern California and would like to star in our upcoming “Fanny Pack” attack music video (or know of a legendary music video producer!), send us a tweet/email/or FB message! We are actually looking for a choreographer/videographer to make our song a hit! I hope today’s video doesn’t scare you away (and I’m sorry I didn’t really brush my hair for this).

(C) Song Lyrics copyrights of Wonderfully Made. Don’t you dare try to steal them before our video debuts! LOL..

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