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The Seven Steps of Healthy Eating: An Excerpt from “HEAL: Healthy Eating & Abundant Living”

Hey Girls –

As I promised for the month of January, here is another post which I hope encourages you on your HEAL Journey. This is an excerpt from lesson 3: “Healing Your Hunger” from my book “HEAL: Healthy Eating & Abundant Living.”

The Super-Practical Steps of Healthy Eating

1. Select When to Eat
Get in touch with your hunger and satisfaction cues. Learning how to gauge your hunger and fullness is a process, so give yourself some time. Use the HEAL Hunger Scale* regularly throughout the day. *see book

2. Select What to Eat
Choose food that will both satisfy and nourish you.

3. Sit Down
If you think you don’t have time to actually sit down and enjoy your meal, then take a closer look at your life, and figure out a way to make the time! Sitting down while you eat facilitates digestion and also enables you to relax and more fully enjoy your food.

4. Say Thanks
Most of us are blessed to have access to food whenever we want, so it’s a privilege to cultivate a heart of gratefulness. Talk to God with a thankful heart for the food he has provided. Ask Him to guide you as you eat so that you can respond appropriately to your body’s signals of hunger and satisfaction. Finally, ask him to nourish you with the food so you can serve Him.

5. Slow Down and Take Small Bites
Don’t engage in “garbage disposal eating”: throwing it in, grinding it up, and sucking it down. Take deep, slow breaths; put your fork down; and enjoy your food and the people sharing the meal with you.

6. Savor the Flavor
While food should never be something we worship, it’s certainly not wrong for us to enjoy it! Savor the food you eat – enjoy the sight, smell and taste!

7. Satisfy!
Stop eating when you feel satisfied – not when you’re so full you have to lie horizontally! Remember, there is a 20-to-30 minute delay before your brain registers that you are pleasantly satisfied.

The HEAL (Healthy Eating & Abundant Living) Journey, created by Allie Marie Smith is a program of Wonderfully Made designed uniquely to help modern young women develop an emotionally healthy and positive approach to food, their bodies and life.

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