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Keepin’ It Real with wmVoice Bianca Juarez

Hey Girls!

I am so excited to introduce to you our newest “wm Voice,” Bianca Juarez. I was able to hear Bianca speak at two events our youth group attended. The strong calling on her life was immediately clear and so I just had to hunt her down to see if she’d like to be a part of our team and keep in touch for future WM conferences. She is a brilliant, witty and gifted writer, speaker and teacher of the truth. She uses lots of smart words (I often don’t know existed), is full of spunk and is not afraid to speak the truth! She is also a twin, a book nerd, PK (I’m sure she hates that term), and has impeccable style (I’d love to go shopping with her!). Her motto on her website reads “Walk. Talk. Preach. Teach. In the Name of Love.” Love it! Check out her website and be sure to read her blog (which has a huge following!) here: Please welcome Bianca! We are so honored to represent her as one of our “wmVoices” and feel blessed to have her as a role model and friend to Wonderfully Made!

Come meet Bianca on Sunday, April 18th where she’ll be our keynote speaker for our Santa Clara University chapter’s 5th annual Wonderfully Made event. Keep visiting our website for more details:

We love your blog! What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

Well, I’ll be honest and say my favorite things are receiving comments from readers. I know it’s shameless to say, but I’m just keepin’ it real 🙂 
The only thing I could relate it to is yelling into a canyon and not hearing an echo. Sometimes the echo (even it doesn’t agree with me) is still good to hear 😉

Where do you get ideas for blog posts and where do you usually write them?

Life. I know, I know, it sounds cheesy, but I’m being honest. I’m a firm believer in a God who speaks supernaturally sometimes, but speaks subtly to us everyday. If we lean in, we can hear Him whisper to us.

Tell us about your ministry.

I’m bi-vocational because I believe in the words and actions of Paul. At times churches blessed him and at other times he had to ability to preach the gospel for free. I’m totally stoked to work for an amazing church which believes in what I do and supports my ministry.

In The Name Of Love is a ministry to spread the love, grace, and truth of the gospel. I speak on theological, pragmatic, societal or emotional issues to anyone who will listen 🙂 My heart most definitely is for Generation Y! This next wave of Christian leaders will control the ebb and flow of the Church. It’s important to teach solid biblical principles.

We can’t help but notice your fabulous style! What’s your shopping philosophy- any tips you want to share?

Hahahaha! I love that you think I have style. I actually try work miracles with my closet! Growing up poor has taught me the value of a dollar and given me the spirit of a hustla’. I look for bargains, hit up sales, and never shop out of pressure.

What are you looking forward to most in 2010?

If 2010 is going to be as fast-paced at the past two weeks, it’s going to be a wild ride! I am looking forward to speaking at new places, meeting new people, cultivating my relationships, and becoming a more independent person.

What’s one thing you learned in the past year?

I need to live out loud. I totally fell into the compartmentalization that most 20somethings do. Love in thisbox, church in this box, work in this box, friends in this box. To be true to yourself and your convictions, there needs to be a mashing of all the boxes.Every aspect of my life is connected to the other.

How do you handle criticism?

Uh, at first, not too well. I’ll get defensive and argumentative. But after I process and absorb what was said, I learn from it. I want to be a person who can learn from everyone.

What’s one quality that you think women need to exhibit more in friendships with other women?

Authenticity! Women are afraid of saying what truly on their mind because of hurt feelings and bruised emotions. Guys can yell and fight with each other, then get over and continue being friends. Women (generally speaking) hold grudges, fight maliciously behind backs, and break bonds of trust.

If we learn to KEEP IT REAL, we’ll be good to go!

What is one struggle you experienced during high school and or college and what did God teach you through this?

Food was my frienemy (friend + enemy). I didn’t use food as a tool, but a weight of bondage. I tried a million diets and funky eating habits which led to depression and frustration. Though I still don’t have a handle on my eating habits, I’m learning not to let food control me 🙂

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