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The Glory of Discomfort

by Kristen Leigh Evensen

Photo by P.H. Fitzgerald

“The grass is always greener.” Many of us have heard this phrase used countless times, as a response to our innate desire for something better, lovelier, or easier. Especially during moments when our circumstances seem too overbearing for words, who has not wished—prayed, even—for the “other side”?

If there is one thing we can learn from the yearning for the “other side,” it is the glory of a life fully and completely dependent upon the Giver of Life.

In all my times of hardship (and believe me, there have been many), none have matched the intensity of this past year. The Lord allowed many difficulties to come my way, from a broken relationship, to a lack of funds, to injury, to some lonely, teary nights. Have you experienced days or months or years like that? As we reflect and remember the days of old, one thing remains clear and steadfast: it took those wretched moments, those downright awful circumstances to reveal that we cannot find our fullest life in the things of this world. Our discomfort pulls us into the Father’s arms.

There, in the arms of the Father, we find safety, everlasting love, genuine concern, soft tenderness, and a shoulder on which to cry. There, we find ourselves eternally home, in the most comfortable of places. There, the cares of the world melt away and we are left resting and indulging in the One who supplies.

Our discomfort draws us to the Father. Becoming too dependent and comfortable upon the ways of the world tends to develop our human pride. God loves us too much to let that happen.

The next time you find yourself yearning for the “other side,” remember Who is with you right now, right here, on this side. He is your ultimate Comfort.

How can you trust your Father to be your ultimate Comfort?

Kristen Leigh Evensen is a singer/songwriter, blogger, and young peoples’ life coach, who resides in Chicagoland. Her BFA degree in Music Theatre and her Life Coach Certification qualify her to work for the advancement of students, young professionals, and rising artists alike, especially in areas covering life purpose, life transitions, spiritual journeys, and artistic endeavors. Kristen is a creative communicator; she authors “The Identity Project,” a women’s forum centered on faith, identity and community. Her performance credentials and compositions can be found at She also enjoys her Bible, quiet time, a strong cup of joe, family and friends, fitness, cooking, and reading. Join The Identity Project at and follow her on Twitter at @kristenlevensen.

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