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Morning Renewal

By October 11, 2011Uncategorized

by Natalie Lynn Borton

I love mornings. They are certainly my favorite time of day, and what I look forward to every night as I fall asleep. As my dear friend Kenna once said to me, “It’s as if you wait all night for morning to come.” It’s sort of silly, but also somewhat true.

I like mornings for a variety of reasons: breakfast, crisp air, hot beverages. But the main reason is the feeling of renewal. Each day is fresh and brand new. What happened in the past is gone, and you have nothing but the future ahead.

We no longer need to give in to our bad habits or the sin we seem to fall into over and over again. With a new day, there is grace and the opportunity to take another step toward the women we were created to be.

When do you feel most renewed?

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