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Monday Funday: Your Summer Bucketlist

by Allie Marie Smith

Sunday at our beach day I noticed one of the girls in our youth group had a braided string around her neck. I asked her what it was and she pulled out her summer bucket list. On a cute envelope her and her best friend had written down 25 things to do this summer. Brilliant!

If we want to have a fun, fabulous, meaningful life, I believe it helps to plan for it! Our shared calling on this beautifully broken earth is to ENJOY God and GLORIFY Him. Now and forever. What are some of the things you love? Things that make you feel fully alive and free – and inspire you to live with your arms and heart wide open?

I was so inspired I decided to make my own & invite you to share yours.

My Summer Bucket List (*in no particular order)

  • Surf or SUP (stand up paddle) twice a week
  • Go hunting for shooting stars
  • Go blueberry picking (Last summer I worked at our friend’s blueberry farm and they are like God’s candy!)
  • Throw a bohemian-chic party for some girlfriends! Bare-feet, summery dresses and flowers in your hair are required! I might even try to get my friend and some girls to play bluegrass!
  • Lead a “Designed to Shine” study for high school girls at my friend Holly’s surf shop (Backdoor in Solvang)
  • Spend a week in San Diego with some of my besties surfing and playing (I get to check this one off next week!)
  • Go sailing (Christie’s sweet boyfriend Will teaches lessons!)
  • Go to a bluegrass concert
  • Train hard for a triathlon – I just signed up for one in Carpinteria (best beach CA town in my opinion).
  • Finish our outline for the Wonderfully Made Bible study we’re hoping to publish
  • Complete a Beth Moore bible study with some Jesus loving/seeking girls
  • Do unexpected acts of kindness
  • Wear a long, summer dress at least once a week
  • Keep my toenails painted. This is a hard one for me!
  • Keep a fridge full of fresh fruit. Watermelon mandatory.
  • Laugh so hard my stomach naturally gets a killer work out. Everyday.

Your turn! What’s on your fun summer bucket list?

Challenge: Make a point to thank God for the simple, beautiful pleasures of life.

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