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On Saturday, September 16th, 2023, we hosted our second annual Fall Young Women’s Retreat in our hometown of Buellton, California where are we headquartered. Two hundred teen girls and women left the daily grind of their lives behind and took a long, country dirt road to Hilltop Ranch and Vineyards in Lompoc — a breathtaking estate decorated by vineyards, rolling golden hills and livestock.

Upon arriving, they were met with the prettiest big green barn they had ever seen. They enjoyed a charcuterie board, eating together on the lawn, and took turns taking photos in a vintage Volkswagen photo bus. Without any cell phone distraction, we were all present with one another and basked in the beauty of creation.

We then gathered in the barn covered in twinkling string lights and worshiped together. Vita and Kiera, who are in highs school led us in beautiful songs of praise to God. Our speakers Veronica Bacquet, Kate Merrick and Allie Mare Smith shared their personal testimonies about God’s faithfulness and redemption and gave powerful messages of hope. We played games, laugh, cried, hugged and worshiped. The response from girls was overwhelming and it was a unforgettable day.

The girls left inspired, transformed and refreshed. Many girls made life-changing decisions and gave their lives to God or make a recommitment of faith.

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The WM Team

“This retreat made me feel less alone and aware of my value and purpose in life. It showed me that I don’t need validation from anyone, but I need to be true to God and live authentically. I decided to stop living for myself and to start living for God.”

“It was encouraging to see that there are so many girls who share my thoughts and experiences. I discovered my true identity in God and it made me think about how I am living. I am going to be a different person after today.”

“I experienced God’s love and presence in a way I never have before. I released so many burdens. I came back to Christ after a long time of keeping Him waiting. I have decided to recommit my life to God and do my best to walk along the road He paved for me.”

“I have been going through the toughest season of my life. This is everything I needed. This retreat gave me the courage to make a lot of decisions that will help me heal.”