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Here at Wonderfully Made, we love featuring other girls who are doing amazing things. Kiera shared a music video she created for her class to remind them of their God-given value. Enjoy the music video and read our interview with Kiera:

Tell us a little about yourself and the story behind the song:

Hey! I’m Kiera Faith. This song came to me in a very unexpected way. In the spring of 2022, when the school year was coming to an end, my 8th-grade class at Providence School in Santa Barbara was put in charge of one of our chapels that we do every week for the grades below us. I was put in charge of the worship band that we have with my fellow classmates and our class and I was inspired by God to write this song. The meaning is that God wants every person He created to believe that they are not a mistake and that God is going to use them in such amazing ways. You just have to believe in Him and know He’s our true Savior, He has a plan for you no matter any situation or crisis. He is there just holding out His hand ready for you to take it and be reminded you are special, loved, and wonderfully made.

What do you want all girls to know?

There is so much I want every girl to know, but one of the most important things a girl must know is a woman’s heart after God will always triumph over outward appearance and looks. Inner beauty is so much more special and attractive than what you appear to look like from the outside. People notice something special about a girl when she has a heart after God, who loves people and strives to be more like Jesus. It’s our inner selves that last, while beauty fades.
In the Bible there is a story about a woman named Esther and she is a great example of this. She was chosen among many outwardly beautiful women. The king chose her because of her grace, character, and God’s favor upon her. Why did Esther stand out from all these other outwardly beautiful women? Everyone could see she was different because of her beautiful heart. She was used by God to save the Jews from genocide. I need constant reminders of this and can graciously rest because God loves us so much. He doesn’t want his daughters trying so hard to fit in this world and look a certain way or pressured to become who they aren’t meant to be. Instead, we can come to him as who each one of us is and set aside our images and instead focus and reflect on the heart and souls God has given us. 

How did your song impact your classmates?

The message of a reminder that you are wonderfully made needs to be spoken more and many classmates needed to hear that. Someone said that the line, When I don’t feel like I belong, you’ll take me by the arm stuck out to them because it wasn’t God grabbing your hand but your arm (more of a closer belonging). You can just imagine him looking into your eyes and saying, “No, it’s okay — you’re fearfully and wonderfully made by me and you belong with me, not this world and I’ve got you.” I believe this song is a gift from God to so many others because it impacted my classmates and me as well. I was going through a hard time recently of feeling worthless and not made “right” (this was after the song was in the world!). I  sang this alone in my room and realized these words weren’t mine. They are God’s. It’s all from Him. Whenever this song plays by me or someone else, it’s God speaking to His children and reminding them again that we are wonderfully made. I think that’s the impact this song had on everyone, the reminder of God and his constant love for us. 

What advice would you give another woman who wants to use the gifts and talents she’s been given?

The best advice I can give is what my dad gives me constantly. Start with the mindset that it’s all for an audience of One. If you want to use your gift from God, glorify him with that gift. Put the focus and glory on God. When I sing or write any music, it is to have God’s glory shone through me, not my glory. That’s why the audience of One is so important. It’s because you’re shifting your eyes on God, not who is around you or what you’re exactly doing. There are blessings, grace, and favor upon you when you’re after God and are doing it for His glory. Whatever your gift from God is, use it for God’s glory. You might not know how to use your gifts.  If you’re in that place, pray. Ask God for guidance on where or how to use your gifts because he will open doors for you and lead you just as he does for me. Trust in him. He will provide. Do not be discouraged. Keep trusting in God, pray, and glorify him. It’s an audience of One.

Hey! I’m Kiera Reitzin also known as Kiera Faith. I am from Santa Barbara California and I’m fifteen years old. One of my biggest passions in life is music. Whether that’s singing, songwriting, creating, playing the piano, or teaching myself guitar, my heart is all for it. It’s a huge way to express my heart and soul in a creative and special way. I am so grateful for the gift  God has blessed me with and I hope his love and glory pours out through the music I get to create and share with everyone. Blessing to all:)


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