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Wisdom For a Centered Soul — with Jessica Cheung

Our amazing new co-host, Christie Myers interviews Jessica Cheung — actress, YouTuber and creator of the online ministry 31:30 Beloved. Jessica joins us to talk about her powerful story of healing and redemption and how to have a centered soul in a chaotic world. Jessica had a glamorous life, living in Beverly Hills, traveling to exotic places, dating GQ men, and partying with A-list celebrities. On the outside her life looked ideal, but she was immersed in an empty lifestyle of drugs, toxic relationships and was drowning in the pain of two abortions. Jesus met Jessica in her brokenness, restored her and set her on the road that leads to life. Jessica and Christie talk about finding stillness and living a spacious life. No matter what your story is, our conversation with Jessica will encourage you in your faith and inspire you to live more intentionally. For more encouragement, visit our website and get a free resource we wrote just for you at