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114: How to Flourish and Live the Life You Were Created For — with Jennie Lusko

How can we flourish even in the hard places when our stories are marked by pain, disappointment or loss? We welcome Jennie Lusko, author of the new book “The Fight to Flourish: Engaging in the Struggle to Cultivate the Life You Were Born to Live.” Jennie encourages us with the truth that we can thrive even in the most desolate places. Five days before Christmas, Jennie’s daughter unexpectedly passed away from an asthma attack. Using the backdrop of her family’s experience, Jennie invites us to embrace the stories God is writing for our lives and teaches us how through the good and the bad, we can learn to grow, be strong, draw near to God, and bless others. Jennie shares why it is in this sacred space of pain and promise that we can begin to flourish. We hope through this conversation you are encouraged with the truth that even when it doesn’t look like it God is working in your life and that you can flourish and thrive. Thanks for listening and being a part of Wonderfully Made. Please stop by our website for free resources and encouragement.