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102: Your Body Is Not A Project with Allie Marie Smith

Introducing our new “simple thought” series on the podcast. Today’s simple thought is “your body is not a project, it is a gift to be treasured.” Allie reads an article she wrote for Darling Magazine titled “Your Personal Body Project” and reflects on the all too common tendency women have to make their body projects which can ultimately make us sick and rob us of the life we’ve been designed for. Discover tips to resist the temptation to make your body a project and learn to live a healthier, more balanced life.

Join Allie Marie Smith as she interviews our first guest of 2020, Nicole Zasowski. Nicole is a marriage and family therapist who loves using her words to help others find an enduring peace and joy outside of circumstance. Nicole shares tips for finding freedom from unhealthy coping mechanisms such as shame, control and performance and guides women to a grace-filled path towards wholeness. Nicole’s book “From Lost to Found” heps readers discover a surprising path to healing as you lose your grip on comfort and control — and fall right into God’s transformative grace.