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{WM Spotlight} Moving Mountains Jewelry by Lindsey Drewes

We are thrilled to spotlight a dear friend of ours as she launches her brand new jewelry line called Moving Mountains.

Moving Mountains 2 from Justin Jacobs on Vimeo.

Tell us about Moving Mountains.

Moving Mountains is a grassroots American-made jewelry company that specializes in beautiful minimalist silver and brass soldered jewelry.

What gave you the idea for Moving Mountains Jewelry?

In the fall of 2015, I found myself driving to work one day thinking about my next career move and noticed I was simply “playing it safe.” I was no longer dreaming the way I had before.  Somewhere along the line I had lost the belief that I held as a child that faith the size of a mustard seed could move mountains like we are told in Matthew 17:20, and that there was no need to settle for less when God has so much in store for us.  It was then that the idea for Moving Mountains Jewelry came to life, a jewelry company whose everyday designs could be worn with any outfit and for any occasion that would serve as reminder of this truth that with a small amount of faith we can do tremendous things.


How did you learn the art of silversmithing?

While working as a 911 dispatcher I found a need to find something to decompress from all of the pinned up stress that I had and began to research things I had access to locally. In doing so I found that a local city college had classes in silversmithing. As I took my first class nearly two years ago, I instantly I fell in love with the intricacy of silversmithing and the science behind making a beautiful jewelry piece.  

What is the hope for the wearer of the jewelry? 

The primary goal for our jewelry pieces is to act as a reminder to the wearer of God’s promise to us that in times of great adversity, joy, or one of life’s many changes that we are not alone and with a small amount of faith we can do tremendous things.

How do you hope that Moving Mountains will changes lives in the future?

Secondly,our goal is that we will eventually be able to support others through the donation of 20% of each sale to people and causes who are already moving mountains both globally and locally, shedding light on the tremendous work that is taking place.

In realizing this is a mighty vision, we are dedicated to having Moving Mountains be a standout company in the jewelry industry and have large hopes and dreams for what the future holds.

Lastly, tell us about your Indiegogo Campaign.

We are currently running a Indiegogo campaign that will end the beginning of September.  Starting a business is hard work and it takes a good about of capital to hit the ground running and rather than going into debt we are choosing to ask people to come alongside us as we embark upon this journey. Feel free to check it out here. We greatly appreciate any support you feel led to give and in exchange we will send you a fabulous handmade reward to be cherished for years to come.  Each piece is carefully meticulously handcrafted out of sterling silver, brass and basswood to create a piece that we believe you will love. Also please feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @movingmountainsjewelry to stay up to date on things that are happening in the future.

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