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Introducing our New Podcast!

We have been hard at work on this exciting passion project these last several months and are thrilled to finally be able to share the first two episodes of our brand new podcast! Self-titled “Wonderfully Made,” our podcast is co-hosted by Allie Marie Smith, Wonderfully Made’s Founder and Rachel Brown, one of our blog contributors. Our podcast features authentic conversations with world-changing women. Join us as we interview positive female movers and shakers who are championing this generation of young women to live with integrity, passion and faith. In the first two episodes you get to know your co-hosts better and on our third episode (launching next Tuesday) we begin interviewing women who inspire and challenge us. We hope you’ll subscribe, listen and share!

Episode 1: Allie Marie Smith (available now)
Episode 2: Rachel Brown (available now)
Episode 3: Arielle Estoria (releasing August 16th)

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