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Wonderfully Made Brunch Photos

This past May we hosted our first ever Wonderfully Made brunch for mothers, daughters, grandmothers, mentors and friends. We held it at my home church in Solvang, CA the town next over from our Wonderfully Made headquarters. Our lovely photographer Emma took these specials photos from the day. Kayla Scheidler and her mom Colleen Mertes gave heartfelt and timely messages. Ages eleven to ninety were represented and it was a day we’ll always treasure!

_MG_8046 _MG_8040 _MG_8034 _MG_7998_MG_8021 _MG_8006 _MG_8002  _MG_7991

_MG_8055 _MG_8060 _MG_8065 _MG_8071 _MG_8074 _MG_8087 _MG_8108 _MG_8114_MG_8123_MG_8135_MG_8139_MG_8156_MG_8163_MG_8169_MG_8174_MG_8179



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