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{WM SPOTLIGHT} Felisha Caldeira

Wonderfully Made loves to feature women who are using their talents voices to draw others closer to Christ. Read about how Felisha Calderia uses her love of education and theater in the unique industry of audiobooks! Felisha graduated college as a Theater major with a heart for stage theater. Recently, she tapped into the industry of audiobooks, using her voice acting talent for Christian writers and books in order to point women back to God, drawing hope from Him in all of life’s obstacles.

What inspired you to start a career in audiobooks and recording voiceovers for authors?

I’ve always loved audiobooks, I’ve listened to them for years but I never thought I would find myself narrating them until I came across a audiobook workshop and decided, “why not give it a try”. Through that month intensive, I fell in love with the acting, narrating, and producing process and was hooked.

What is your favorite aspect of audiobooks and working in such a niche industry?

 I’ve studied theater for many years and I always loved the emphasis on character development and vocal dialects. Being an Audiobook Narrator allows me to expand on all of that by playing every part and often with different voices and dialects. It’s really fun!

Do you have a favorite genre of books that you prefer to record audiobooks for and why that genre?

 I lean towards fiction or historical-fiction; specifically I love reading/narrating stories that tell of a person’s journey through a realistic trial and how they over come it. It’s quite cathartic for me, and I believe stories like those help connect us by reminding us that we are all human, we all fail, but we can all find hope in ourselves, others, and above all God. 


What is the process of finding a book or author that you want to work with, and does your Christian faith play a role in your work?

One main way many professional authors and narrators use is  a central hub called the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) that allows authors to post that they are looking for narrators and narrators post that they are open for hire. You then audition for a book your are interested in by sending in a sample of their book and then go audition for some more. I’ve learned it’s best to audition and if you get it, Awesome, if not, that’s okay, there are always others.

I believe my christian faith plays a HUGE part in my selection process. The market is full of books/genre’s that I just don’t want to read or associate my name or voice too.  I always request a copy of the entire book before accepting the offer and my moto is if I can’t put my name on it–Pseudonyms are huge in this market– then I won’t do it. God calls us to guard our hearts and minds and I try to do so, but also, now that I am a public voice, I believe I have the responsibility of  helping others by not promoting those types of novels. 

On your website you talk about storytelling as being important for life and growth, how have the stories you have recorded voiceovers for changed and impacted your life?

Oh man, I could go on for hours about this subject. Stories help us to learn, grow, change, process, they challenge us, encourage us, and make believers of us. This why I am so passionate about acting. It is a form of story telling that I believe best allows us to encounter those attributes listed above with all of our senses in a real and moving way. Being able to tell the stories of others with my voice is an gift and honor.

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Our blog Know Your Value by Wonderfully Made is for women in their late teens and early twenties, what can you say to our readers about knowing their value in Christ?

Seek not to find value in the things that surround you but through the Maker who made all things. Through Christ, we are found and set free.

What encouragement can you give our readers about finding a career and discovering their calling?

You are unique. God has a purpose, plan, and will for you, and you alone. That path may be difficult at times, it may not be what you expected, but it is worth the journey.

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