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WM Spotlight: Chelsea Steller, Our New Photographer

We are so excited to introduce you to our new photography contributor, Chelsea Steller. She is a talented artist and will be working with our ideas for photo shoots to creatively and beautifully enhance Know Your Value’s contributions. She began her career in photography by accident when she joined a college Film Photography class. Her natural camera skills opened doors for her in photography, which soon became her life’s work and calling… and eventually led her to us at Wonderfully Made! Be sure to visit Chelsea’s website here and if you’re looking for a photographer, she’s your girl!

How did you get into photography?

On a whim, I took my first film photography class in college. I can still remember developing those first few images, feeling entirely inept, as I awaited each assignment’s critique. To my surprise, my teacher pulled me aside one day, expressing hope that I would consider pursuing this art form as a career. Having never dabbled in photography before, I was stunned, and deeply encouraged that he saw what he described as: “a natural gift and ability.”  However, I never imagined being a photographer. That is, until an opportunity came that led me to photograph my very first wedding on a tiny island off the coast of Greece. I was only 20 at the time, in a foreign country for the first time in my life, and was entirely captivated by all that lay before me. The groom’s family even owned half of the island spanning back generations. It was incredible being immersed in such a beautiful and ancient culture. For three days we celebrated one of the most beautiful weddings I could have imagined. From that point on, I was irrevocably gripped with a longing for this career.

What is your favorite aspect of photography?

I love the deeply transformative work in giving someone an ability to see themselves in a new and radiant way. It can be a powerful experience, and I love being a part of that for someone when it happens.

Chelsea Steller - 4

What inspires your photos?

I’m inspired by the people that I meet, their stories, and the remarkable beauty in every strand of our carefully woven souls. I’m always enraptured by the way light find its way across the horizon, enveloping and enlivening all that it touches. I’m inspired by dreamy, soft tones and neutral, timeless colors palettes. I adore field grass swaying in the wind, long flowing dresses, barefoot walks in a meadow, fresh flowers woven in hair, and sun breaking through misty morning light. I’m so grateful to call our California coastlines home, and I love gathering inspiration from all of the natural beauty that we live in.

What makes you interested in the WM ministry?

I think that Wonderfully Made is a much needed voice in our generation. Wonderfully Made invites God-breathed truth to both permeate, and discredit those places that have been marred by the worlds unrealistic expectations of beauty and worth.

What are your hobbies besides photography?

I love traveling and exploring, hiking with my golden retriever puppy, kayaking, playing volleyball, reading, crafting, antiquing, and everything to do with fashion, and design.


Do you have any heroes? Who are they?

My heroes are the people that do life daily with me, and live out “small things with great love.” My dear friends that are first time moms, blow me away with their strength, and servant-hearted devotion. My sister and brother unceasingly pour their hearts into attaining their dreams, and serving others through their relentless pursuit of God. My dad has always lived out hard work and determination despite any challenges, constantly championing and encouraging my dreams. I will always admire the way my mom’s unrelenting tenderness, wisdom, and joy brighten the path of anyone she meets.

Favorite Bible verse?

John 10:10- “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”


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