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WM Spotlight: Katherine Wolf & Hope Heals

by Hope Heals

In April of 2008, Katherine suffered a massive brain stem stoke while 6-month old James slept in the other room. She was not expected to live or recover, but as you may have guessed, she did both. In the time since the AVM rupture (the congenital condition that cause the stoke), she has re-learned to eat, to speak, and to walk, although those things look very different than they did before. Many other obstacles remain, from double vision to deafness, facial paralysis to lack of fine motor coordination in her hand, even a small brain aneurysm, and yet hope remains also. Today Katherine and her husband Jay share their journey of whole-hearted living and hope in Christ through many successful digital and in-person forums. The response to their authentic sharing has been so overwhelmingly positive that they formalized their ministry, Hope heals (, into a non-profit corporation for which they both currently work full-time. The Wolfs like to think of themselves as “missionaries of hope”–messengers who have come a long way to bring good news, that hope in Christ heals our souls. Katherine and her family currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.

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