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Hope Heals Gospel Project

Calling all artists! Yesterday we spoke of Katherine Wolf, one of the speakers at our upcoming Spring Seminar. Today we are pleased to introduce you to her ministry, Hope Heals. They have an amazing opportunity for all of you creatives out there! They are holding a contest where they are calling for artists to create a visual expression of the gospel in the form of original two-dimensional artwork. A few thoughts from the founders:

1) Since creatives are so often undervalued, this contest has cash prizes for the top 3 winners, as well as lots of promotion for the pool of finalists (they will also be the art shown at the event we will be hosting in May, as well as in a permanent online gallery on our website and in a printed anthology out later in the year).

2) We want artists to feel free to make original works specifically for this event, but often professional artists and even art students have a stockpile of art projects from they might be able to choose a gospel-inspired work and submit it, which is fine with us.

3) Our hope is that the medium of art might allow a new lens for any audience to view the gospel; therefore, we are hoping participants in this event will make art that is transcendent, not necessarily spoken in “Christianese”, with symbols or literal language that only fellow Christians would really understand.

Check out their flyer below, and start creating! 

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