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Christian Fashion Week

by Aubrey Jackson

Hello Wonderfully Made readers!

My name is Aubrey; I am a Christian lifestyle blogger and recently had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual Christian Fashion Week in Tampa, Florida! For those wondering what is Christian Fashion Week? Don’t worry, I will be more than happy to explain.

Christian Fashion Week became a reality thanks to it’s four amazing founders Mayra and Jose Gomez, and Tamy and Wil Lugo. 
All of whom love sharing the gospel and have a great deal of fashion industry experience. The founders created Christian Fashion Week to celebrate fashion from a Christian worldview, reflecting common values such as modesty, boldness, and integrity.  

How is it considered “Christian” Fashion Week? It’s all in the details.
* Keeping God at the center of each event: Before Christian Fashion Week began people were asked to participate in an International Day of Prayer and before the start of the runway shows each night a prayer was said. 
Male and Female models had separate dressing roomsNormally during runway shows, male and female models change outfits in one place. In order to honor God in every aspect, girls and guys had separate dressing rooms.
With this being my first time attending I wanted to mingle and interact with everyone!  I first attended the Christian Fashion Week VIP Party on Thursday where other media, models, designers, along with local pastors and their wives were invited to attend for free to celebrate and fellowship! 

(I wore a Evan Picon dress and nude heels to the event) 
With over 16 international designers showcased and over 60 models featured, the runway shows had to be split into two nights! I met some amazing people throughout my time at Christian Fashion Week.

Whether Aubrey is speaking, performing praise and worship, or simply meeting new people in her daily life, Aubrey enjoys sharing her love for God. You can read more about Aubrey and her Christian Fashion Week experience on her website

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