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The Freedom Found in Love

by Brianna Deutsch

Love has never been an easy concept for me. I’ve wrestled with that fact that love doesn’t have to be earned like a prized trophy, instead I can just rest in it’s warm embrace. Throughout my life I’ve played various roles hoping that it would evoke a sense of approval from others, while all it did was push them away. Yet throughout the strings of rejections there was a constant thread: God’s love. As I look back in retrospect it has been His love that has allowed me to keep afloat the turbulent storms:

His love removed the desire to drink alcohol and abuse medication.

His love calmed the urges to self-harm.

His love embraced me when I wanted to act out in my eating disorder.

His love gave me strength, when I was weak.

His love is constantly setting me free from all that I’m enslaved too.

Paul writes in Romans 8:37, “…we are more than conquerors through him who loved us”. This verse has been imperative during my journey with the Lord. For God cares about us so much that he desperately desires to see us live free, abundant lives. It’s through His transformative love that we are able to see with clearer eyes and pure hearts. His love is beckoning each and everyone of us to delve deeper with Him, so we can have freedom and consequently fall in with love Him, which I believe is the beginning of the most authentic love story of all.

What has God’s love allowed you to break free from?

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