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Bloom Where You’re Planted

by Ashlee Chu
There are moments when we step into a new work position, move to an unknown area, or are in a room full of strangers and we stunt ourselves by standing in the corner and looking invisible. The picture that comes to mind is the wallflower at a “happening” party. But also, I’m referring to the mental screenshot in which we allow ourselves to go unnoticed for fear of being uncomfortable or the agony of making a fool of ourselves. It happens, even to the social butterflies.

I was recently at a swanky Los Angeles benefit party and was in the company of my peers who were all asked to mingle and share our stories with the VIP attendees. This wasn’t my first event nor was it my first time in a room full of strangers but I felt completely terrified. Why? Because I was scared of coming off pushy or awkward. It bothered me throughout the entire evening, as this used to be my element. Eventually I let that all fall away and I did my job.

Finally! I allowed myself to be myself. It is then that we can truly bloom into who we are and our hearts and personalities grow on others. When we give ourselves permission to live, learn, and grow, we can accomplish some of the most amazing things and positively influence those around us.

To do so, we must acknowledge we can’t live life without direction. Let God direct you. He knows who you are, where you are, and the plans He has for you. When you give God control over your life, your insecurities and fears will wash away. You will then grow with purpose.

Bloom where you are planted and discover the beauties God intended for you in the first place.

Do you ever feel your growth stunt? How do you bloom in your everyday?

Ashlee Chu is a total nerd on a mission to generate encouragement. She seeks to inspire action through a friend’s advice for a better life. Visit her at The Friend Life for friendly conversation about business, faith, and life. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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