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Live Empowered: 31 Bits + The Giving Keys

by Allie Marie Smith
Two of our favorite companies, 31 Bits and The Giving Keys are teaming up for a powerful partnership which officially launches tomorrow. They have taken a 31 Bits necklace made out of 100% recycled paper from women in Uganda and combined them with a signature Giving Key engraved with the word “empower.”

The product is available in black and turquoise through the month of August only! It’s a definite summer must-have and a great way to support two causes at once – empowering women in Uganda to rise above poverty, as well as giving employment opportunities to those looking to transition out of homelessness and hardship.

Watch the video to learn more. I know I’ll be buying my Giving Keys + 31 Bits piece as soon as it hits their store…in turquoise, of course!

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