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Darling Magazine: 1 Last Gift Recommendation or Wish List Item!

Winter 2012 Issue $20
Annual Subscription $80
Hi Lovelies, we wanted to leave you with one last Christmas gift idea (or wish list item!). A quarterly or annual subscription to Darling magazine! As so many of you girls know, Wonderfully Made is a big cheerleader of Darling and their talented, world-changing team.

Why do we love Darling Magazine so much? Maybe it’s the stunning photos. Or the way its pages smell as you turn them. Maybe it’s because reading its printed words is like sweet tea for the soul. Or because it’s a magazine that finally gets us. Maybe because it edifies, challenges and renews us unlike so much of the mass-marketed magazines and websites for young women out there. Need I name them? Maybe it’s because we want to prove quality print mediums are not a dyning breed – that there is a need and niche for such printed publications. Lastly maybe it’s because so many incredible women we love like Sarah Dubbeldam (the chief creator!), Natalie Lynn Borton, Kristie Vosper, Emily Gallentine, Christianne Taylor, Rachel Johnson, Allie Marie Smith, Amber Vander Vliet, and Joanna Hyatt make up just part of the army of talented girls who have been a part of making Darling a reality.
So now you know why we love Darling, we encourage you to experience it for yourself if you haven’t already.

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