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WM Spotlight: Katia Gomez, Part 2

by Rachel Johnson

Today, we’re posting Part 2 of our Wonderfully Made Spotlight on Katia Gomez. In case you missed it yesterday, head on over to read Part 1!

Q: Of all the places in the world to work, how did you end up choosing Honduras as the hub for your organization?

It’s actually the other way around – Honduras chose me! It just so happened this was where my undergrad volunteer group decided to send us that year. The midwife in our first project communities always jokes with me saying how funny it is that a plane could have taken me anywhere in the world but I landed in Honduras. Now that country is like my second home.

Q: What inspires you to press on, even when the going gets rough?

The personal connection that I have with the students and parents in our project communities drives me every day. Just knowing that I can play some small role in helping make their lives a bit easier in the future is all I need to pick myself up again when things aren’t going perfectly. I was sponsored through most of high school and college myself because my mom wouldn’t have been able to afford my education on her own, so I truly know the importance of having someone believe in you.

Also, if ever I feel discouraged, I pick up the phone and talk to one of the 14-year-old girls that E2E sponsors, and her incredible strength inspires me immensely.

Q: What advice do you have for young women who would like to launch their own non-profit organization someday?

I would that say before you take that big leap, really make sure that there is a need there and that you understand what your role will be in addressing that need. Know what you’re getting yourself into! There are so many awesome organizations doing great work that you can join in without becoming a 501(c)3 on your own. But if you do find that you have something unique, then look for partnerships – that’s the key. You’ll initially be so excited and want to do everything on your own right away, but learn to reach out and form a core team to jumpstart your efforts.

Q: Just for fun – if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Ever since high school I have had it on my bucket list to go to Greenland and see the Northern Lights!

Q: How can interested volunteers and supporters get involved with your work?

We welcome anyone on board who is passionate about education and helping our students change their communities for the better! Your support could be as direct as sponsoring a student in Honduras to be the first in their families (and often communities) to go to high school, or you can rally your support on a larger scale and host a fundraiser in your home town or campus! If anyone is interested in a more long-term position by putting your skills to work at E2E, please shoot us an email at Right now, we have an ongoing campaign called Project: Her World that you can learn more about on our Facebook page. We would love your participation in this exciting event to celebrate International Day of the Girl!

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