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WM Spotlight: Jess Shain + Tarin Holcomb

by Rachel Johnson

Jess Shain and Tarin Holcomb have been friends for years – they went to middle school together, progressed to high school together, and even attended the same university together. They finally parted ways when they moved to different areas of the country to pursue their careers (Jess ended up in San Francisco as she developed various business concepts, and Tarin moved to Dallas to be a lawyer) but they never stopped sharing the bonds they developed when they were younger. They also never stopped sharing their passions for food, exercise, and healthy lifestyles. Just a few months ago, while on a trip together in California, Jess and Tarin put their heads together and developed a fantastic gourmet dining service called Fullosophie, a venture that combines all of the things they love. Read on to learn more about Jess and Tarin’s business as well as their partnership. 
Q: Thank you for participating in our Spotlight Series, Jess and Tarin! We love the concept behind Fullosophie. Fill our readers in about your unique “farm to fork gourmet dining service.”
Each week, Fullosophie takes the top seasonal recipes from gourmet books, chefs, blogs, etc. to create weekday meals, snacks, and desserts. So skip the grocery store and enjoy each day (and each meal) to the fullest!

Our food is: Real. Not-processed. Fast. Fresh. Customizable. High quality. Kid-friendly. Gluten-free. Carnivore-friendly. Pescatarian-friendly. Vegetarian-friendly. Wholesome. Gourmet. Philanthropic. Clean. Satisfying. Simply delicious.

Q: How was Fullosophie born?
We created Fullosophie while on a trip to Pebble Beach, California. At the time, Jess was a business owner and Tarin was a lawyer, but we were both food and wine enthusiasts with passions for exercise (especially running) and healthy living. We identified a need to provide others with real, gourmet food that can be on the table in no time at all.
Q: Jess, what is your background, and how did you become interested in the food and service industry?
It’s kind of funny, actually – I have no idea how I got into this industry! Maybe it was fate, luck, or timing. My background is 100% corporate business – I was an economics major and an investment bank intern. After college, I was a consultant for large medical device company, and I followed that up by getting a Masters degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship.
What I have always known is that I wanted to start a business that combined philanthropy and my traveling experiences. I felt like there needed to be one additional component that would tie those two pieces together. Little did I know it would be food. I entered one of my business ideas (M.A.D. Foods) as a contestant in one of the largest street food festivals in the world in 2011 – and I won! I quit my day job, and I have been running a company in the food industry ever since!
Q: Tarin, you decided to quit your job as a lawyer in order to launch Fullosophie with Jess. How did you reach that decision?
Lawyering was a fine job, but it was not something I was passionate about.  When Jess and I talked about creating Fullosophie, I grew so excited that it really became a no-brainer.
Q: What is the best thing about developing and running a business together?
Having grown up together, we know and trust that we can rely on each other, which is so important when forming a business.  Not only that, but we get to go to work with a friend every day!
Q: What’s the hardest thing about being partners in crime at Fullosophie?
We know each other so well – let’s just say that is a blessing and a curse.

Q: We love that the menu changes just as each season does – this ensures that customers are eating dishes prepared with the richest, ripest ingredients. Bearing that in mind, if you had to pick, what are your favorite items on your menu this season?

The menu actually changes every week! Our favorite ingredients of this season are watermelon, peaches, and heirloom tomatoes (and thank goodness that avocados and gummy bears never go out of season). Some of our favorite items on the menu from past weeks have been the smoked salmon spinach salad with artichokes, goat cheese, and seeds; the jumbo shrimp and summer corn sauté with whipped potatoes; the shredded pork and poblano tamales; and the Greek chicken tzatziki pita. Shoot, can we list the entire menu?
Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? (When you’re not delivering meals and developing menu concepts and partnering with other local businesses, that is…)
Well, this morning we both ran and took a barre burn class – that was fun. We also love being outside (as far from air conditioning as possible), finding and drinking artisan coffee, reading foodie magazines, and enjoying the company of the people we love.
Q: What advice do you have for ambitious young women like yourselves who are interesting in launching their own businesses?
Do what you love and love what you do. Be 100% committed and willing to take all necessary steps to make your dreams a reality – it’s not going to be easy.
Q: You just hosted Fullosophie’s grand opening in Dallas. Where can we expect to see this concept next, and how can interested foodies stay connected with you in the meantime?
Our next event in Dallas will be at the end of the month! On the last Thursday of each month, we host a “best of” drink & donate dinner featuring our favorite entrée from the month, and the proceeds of the evening benefit a local charity. Sign up to attend our next event here. You can also keep up with us by reading our blog, getting our updates on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and Instagram (@fullosophie). Don’t hesitate to e-mail us, too!

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