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Wonderfully Made Conference {Oahu, Hawaii}

by Allie Marie Smith

The photo booth by “What A Day Photography”
Backstage: Me, Kayla, Meghan (our worship leader) and our Emcee Jalee Palompo (Miss Hawaii 2010)
Rooting Kayla on from the Sound booth. She had the girls captivated!
Sharing my testimony and message.

Aloha beautiful! 

I am writing to you from the North Shore (the surf is going bonkers!) of Oahu. My heart is full as I’m reflecting on this past Saturday – our Wonderfully Made Conference for the girls of Oahu. Dozens of volunteers, prayer warriors and phenomenal women came together with one mission: to give 450 girls the chance to discover, strengthen or reclaim their true value and worth through a life-transforming relationship with the God who created them. 

I wanted to share a few of the Instagram pics I have from the day. Our dear friend Corinne Gold of What A Day Photography captured the photos of the day and we also had it professionally filmed, so we’ll be sharing more with you soon!

Special thank you to our friends from Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor, The Mission North Shore, North Shore Christian Fellowship, HE>I and What A Day Photography. God absolutely exceeded our biggest dreams and hopes for this outreach in every way imaginable. The most touching part has been hearing some of the stories pouring in from the girls who attended. 

“I was going to run away from home today, but God told me not to.”

“Thank you so much for coming, it really was awesome and it helped me so much. I’ve been through so much and just hearing the different stories and knowing that i wasnt the only girl out there going through the things i did and am still going through made me so much stronger. Knowing that God will always love me no matter what. That he will NEVER leave me No matter what. God has ALWAYS loved me, for me. He has always been here. Thank you so much.”

“I attended the Wonderfully Made Young Women’s Conference {Oahu, Hawaii} on Saturday and let me tell you! I wish I had gone to something like that when I was a teen. God’s been tugging at my heart and I really needed that. The guest speakers had amazing testimonies of how they came to know the Lord. From Miss Hawaii 2010 to Dawn O’Brien. I heard almost all say that they had been broken, but God fixed them. I understand that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. We are human and have very real feelings so it’s human nature to act on them. But, I’m learning to put all my trust in God because I can’t live this life on my own.” 

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