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Unrelenting Love: Hosea Love Story, Part Three

by Allie Marie Smith

Hey Girls! We hope you’ve been enjoying this mini film series and encourage you to dive in to the Old Testament book of Hosea this week. “The book of Hosea is a love story – real, tragic and true. Transcending the tale of a young man and wife, it tells of God’s love for his people and the response of his ‘bride.'”

In this part of the story Hosea shows tender love to his adulterous wife. Amidst her wayward heart he awaits for Gomer to return, alluring her back to himself, and speaking tenderly. It is almost scandalous how much God continues to love us despite our adultery. He does not abandon us, he puts his arms around us, and longs for us to come home.

Is it ever hard for you to really grasp that God’s loves you with total abandon? That there’s nothing you can do to escape his affection toward you?

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