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Since we added a page for submissions, we’ve gotten several emails from many of you who have stories to tell and wisdom to share. This week we got this email from one of our wmGirls, who wanted us to share about an important issue that’s received a lot of publicity in the past several days…


My name is Morgann Green and I have been following this blog for a couple years now and adore it. I’m sure you’ve already seen the KONY 2012 video posted everywhere, but I know that Wonderfully Made has such a voice through your blog. I was wondering if there is any way WM would consider posting this video and encouraging girls to repost this on their blogs and/or facebooks. I think this is a cause close to the heart of the Lord and I want to do everything I can do be a part of this movement that He has started. Thank you for considering this!


Morgann, we’re thankful that you’re part of our team and that you’re part of the movement to spread the word about the horrific things that are happening in Africa. For those of you who haven’t sat down to watch this video yet, we encourage you to take 30 minutes out of your day to do so…

What do you feel after watching this video? Will you be part of the movement?

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